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Stryker SR-65BC Noise Canceling CB Radio Replacement Microphone 4-Pin

Stryker SR-65BC features best-in-class noise canceling and combines incredible performance with bold styling

Stryker crafted the SR-68BC after military and EMS microphones

Not only does this mean the SR-65BC is lightweight and easy to use, but it's also designed to last long

The SR-65BC is excellent for CB radios as well as 10-meter radios

The Stryker 65BC provides maximum clarity even when used in noisy environments such as a tractor-trailer

A premium dynamic element offers excellent intelligibility and talking power for CB, amateur, and SSB communications

The ergonomically designed chrome key provides smooth operation

Inside, the microphone uses a switch limiter to prevent it from being damaged regardless of how hard you squeeze it

A heavy duty steel grill and rugged ABS housing mean this microphone is built to last

Stryker selected a quality six conductor, 9-ft flexible coiled cord that is pre-wired for most 4-pin radios.

Stryker Model SR-65BC


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