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RoadPro RP7BAND 7 inch Orange UV-Resistant Cargo Rubber Bands - 5 Pack

Keep your cargo under control with these heavy-duty rubber straps

Designed to be strong yet flexible

These 7-inch rubber bands are the perfect solution for keeping your winch straps rolled up and secured preventing any unwanted unrolling

Crafted with a UV and ozone resistant coating they are built to withstand harsh conditions ensuring long-lasting durability

Each pack contains 5 bands offering a great bundle for your cargo control needs

Not only are they multifunctional but they can also be uséd to secure items on a clipboard and assist with various tasks

With their reliable grip and versatility these heavy-duty rubber bands are a must-have for your trailer or RV tool box

Invest in these straps today and experience the perfect blend of strength flexibility and durability in your cargo control endeavors

Roadpro Model Number: RP7BAND


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