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Lot of 6 OLFA 1077174 SK-7 Self-Retracting Blade Safety Utility Knife Cutters

Spring-activated blade retracts when lifted from the cutting surface, minimizing accidents and unwanted cuts

The powerful stainless steel return spring ensures tension and elasticity are maintained

Preloaded with an SKB-7 Safety Blade made from high-quality carbon tool steel for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention

Simply flip the blade 180 degrees to switch from right to left-handed preference

High-impact ABS plastic handle

Uses the Olfa SKB-7 blade, a single-edge blade featuring 1 blunt edge for safer handling

A recessed blade slide prevents accidental blade exposure in a holster or pocket

Stainless steel channel keeps the blade securely in place during use

Olfa Model: 1077174 SK-7

( Lot of 6 units )


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